History of Arcade Video Games Documentary

The Arcade Blogger

So Christmas is here, and I’m guessing you are all busy getting ready for the festivities. So here’s something you can sit and watch when you get a quiet few minutes from the kids and relatives.

Collecting, restoring and playing classic arcade games brings out interesting reactions in others. For the most part, people come round to the idea and think it’s pretty cool that there are some of us who have these things in our houses, garages and games rooms – “You have an ARCADE in your house?!” is a not an untypical reaction.

And I think this is because of their place in popular culture. Anyone of a certain age, fan or not, remembers how ubiquitous these things were – arcades, pubs, and cafes over here in the UK; Seven Elevens, Laundromats and Shopping Malls over in the USA – in the early 80s, you couldn’t miss the…

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